Information for junior school teachers

There is a wealth of new guidance for teachers on lessons and activities for 7 to 11 year olds. Designed by WRAP, waste reduction charity, it makes learning the reduce, re-use, and recycle message fun!

Material includes how to carry out a waste audit, posters, animations, a recycling song, quizzes, facts sheets and a resource pack.

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Schoolchildren giving the thumps up to recycling



Waste treatment plant - Awareness sessions

We offer a fun awareness session for schools about how things work at the waste treatment plant.

It's a Rubbish Adventure is available for you to book today.

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Home Recycling Challenge

In March WRAP launched the Home Recycling Challenge with children’s TV presenter, Maddie Moate. The challenge aims to engage children and their parents/guardians in finding out what they can and can’t recycle locally please visit Home Recycling Challenge website to find out more

Love food hate waste



Love Food Hate Waste

Hundreds of people across Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham have taken part in our Love Food Hate Waste campaign, with tips on making the most of leftovers, assessing portions, planning menus and shopping more carefully. Many people have signed up to a pledge to waste less food in the future. Watch out for next year's campaign!

Recycling in Schools

The whole school community can contribute to making recycling a success. Involving pupils and staff will generate enthusiasm, set a good example, and ensure that even if staff and pupils move on, the recycling will continue.

Recycling in schools also helps to reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal, encourages responsible use of resources, a valuable lesson in our quest to help save the planet for this and future generations, and can help save your school money.

Download the ‘Setting It Up’ leaflet

Download the ‘Running It’ leaflet

Download the ‘Running It’ poster

Composting in Schools

Staff and students alike can work together to make composting in school a success. Involving the whole school community will ensure that composting in school is a habit that is carried on as young people progress through school and will continue as new year groups become involved.

Composting in school helps to reduce the waste sent for disposal from the school, engages young people with their outdoor environment, can be used as a valuable tool when learning about mini-beasts, eco-systems and natural processes, helps to save the planet and can help to save money.

Download the handy guide below to find out how you can set up and run a compost bin or heap at your school.

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