Recycling and garden waste

The materials collected in your recycling and garden waste bins can be transformed into new materials that can be used again and again.

The Councils do their best to make sure that your waste is recycled or composted. However, if the wrong items are placed in the wrong containers or residents do not follow the advice given by the council their bin or even the full bin lorry could be rejected by the company that recycles or composts it.

Why it’s important to put the right things in the right bin?

It is crucial that you strictly follow the guidance given by your Council about what goes in each of your bins. These are decided by the off-takers who can only process certain types of materials.

For example, if your council says plastic bottles only, then you should not add any plastic pots, tubs and trays to your recycling bin.

If your bin has incorrect items in them, it can be rejected for collection. If it is collected, it can contaminate the entire load, which means it will be rejected by the off-taker for recycling and composting and be sent to landfill instead.

Find out what goes in your bins here:

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