Disposable BBQs safety warning

Disposable BBQs can pose a fire hazard if not properly extinguished.

Warning over disposable BBQ fire hazard

The danger of throwing away disposable BBQs before they are properly extinguished has been highlighted by waste chiefs.

One of the main hazards of disposable BBQs is the risk of starting a fire if they are not disposed of correctly. The BBQs can smoulder unnoticed for hours and set fire to bins and refuse collection vehicles.

As we move into the summer season and fire up the BBQs people are being asked to take a few, simple precautions to keep everyone safe.

  • Disposable BBQs should be left to cool for several hours before being disposed of. Never put hot embers into your bin.
  • Use water or sand to pour over the charcoal embers or ash before putting it into a bin, to ensure the heat has been eliminated. This is important because many fires start due to the heat from leftover disposable BBQs, rather than the flames themselves.
  • Remember, ash and embers can still be very hot even if they appear unlit, so take extra care when handling the BBQ. Do not move it immediately after use or after it has been extinguished. It can take a long time for the BBQ to cool down enough to safely move.
  • Do not dispose of them in the recycling bin, as they cannot be recycled. Once completely cold, they should be placed in the household waste bin.
  • Care should be taken when using disposable BBQs in the countryside. Never leave them unattended and make sure they are fully out and have gone completely cold after use.

Community Education Liaison Officer Abi Reid, who is based at the household waste treatment facility at Manvers, said: ““Throwing away disposable BBQs before they are properly extinguished can have very dangerous consequences. I urge people to take precautions and to dispose of them safely.

“I also want to stress that people should never use a BBQ on tinder-dry moorland - destructive moorland fires can start easily, as we have seen in the past.”

Note to Editors:  The waste treatment facility at Manvers processes around a quarter of a million tonnes of leftover waste a year from 340,000 homes across Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham, turning it into useful products rather than sending it to landfill.

For further information contact Abi Reid or Rebecca Wilson on 07814 302297 or abi.reid@renewi.com or rebecca.wilson@renewi.com

Published: 28th June 2022