Reducing the amount of waste we produce should be the first thing we try to do in order to help our planet. By reducing, we conserve important resources and help prevent pollution entering our planet. If every person on the planet consumed as much resources as the average UK citizen, we would need 2.4 planets to sustain us!

Quick tips for reducing waste around the house

  • Try to buy products such as washing up liquid, shampoo and shower gels in larger bottles. This creates less waste than buying smaller bottles and often works out much cheaper in the end.
  • Use plastic takeaway tubs to store any leftover meals. These can also be put in the freezer too to make them last even longer.
  • Use old tins and jars to store pens, pencils and trinkets around the home.
  • Cut up old towels/textiles and use them as cleaning cloths.
  • Old pots, pans and containers can be easily transformed into plant pots.
  • Rediscover what you already have in your wardrobe before buying new clothes. Make simple repairs on clothing using a basic sewing kit. 
  • Use your scrap paper for crafts or colouring.
  • Use old yoghurt pots and lids as paint palettes
  • Instead of buying new furniture, why not consider repainting/re-upholstering to give it a new lease of life.