Recycling is an easy way you can help the planet without having to leave home. When we recycle, our waste can be transformed into materials used to make new things.

Wash and Squash

Plastic bottles should be rinsed out and squashed before putting them in the recycling. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken into smaller pieces. This way you can fit more in your recycling bin.

Forgotten recycling

Many things can be recycled in our homes and are often forgotten when we put the bins out. Be sure to check your bathroom for any used shampoo/soap bottles, perfume/aftershave bottles and cardboard toilet roll tubes.

Why not add a recycling bin or bag to your bathroom? That way you will not forget to recycle them.

Recycling symbols quiz

The symbols on packaging can often be confusing! Take out quiz to see if you know what the different symbols mean.

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Unusual recycling

Although they may not be collected from your house, many materials can be recycled at shops, bring banks and your local household waste recycling centre. These include items such as batteries, clothing and textiles and old electronics. Why not use our recycling locator to find out where to take an item for recycling?

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