Fall in love with your old clothes this Valentine’s Day!

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A sort through your wardrobe could save you money and help to protect the environment













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27 January 2023

Fall in love with your clothes

Why not breathe new life into your wardrobe this Valentine’s Day by falling in love again with some of your discarded favourite clothes?

As we all look to make savings during the current cost of living crisis the expense of buying new clothes is one area where money can be saved.

Did you know

  • The value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion.
  • More than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year,
  • It is estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.
  • In the UK, it is estimated the average person owns 115 items of clothing, many of which have never been worn.

So, before you buy any more, why not go through your wardrobe first?

The fashion industry is ranked fourth in terms of its negative environmental impact - just below housing, transport, and food. Clothes are a major contributor to the problem of plastic in the ocean because of microfibers shed during the washing of synthetic textiles such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic.

Why not consider selling, giving away or donating items you don’t wear. Remember - one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure! The second-hand or ‘preloved’ market is growing online through sites such as eBay and Vinted, Facebook marketplace or Gumtree or through local charity shops or through swaps with friends and family.

For lots of useful information about the best way to make your clothes last longer check out the

Love Your Clothes’ website (https://www.loveyourclothes.org.uk/)

The website has an extensive bank of helpful advice on everything from how to wash and repair clothes to how to give them a makeover for a whole new look.

Abi Reid is Community Education Liaison Officer based at Manvers, the award-winning waste treatment facility which diverts 97 per cent of Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham household waste from landfill.

“Before you throw your old clothes away have a think about giving them a new lease of life rather than putting them in the bin. Even if you don’t want them any more they may still have value to someone else,” said Abi.

“By repairing or donating old clothing we can help to reduce waste and the demand for resource-hungry new clothes. Extending the life of clothing by just nine months can cause a significant reduction in its environmental impact.

“Instead of throwing clothes into the bin why not think about selling or swapping the items, donating them to charity or putting them into a textile bank for recycling. These can be found at many supermarkets, community centres or at your local household waste recycling centre.”

Note to Editors:  The waste treatment facility at Manvers processes around a quarter of a million tonnes of leftover waste a year from 345,000 homes across Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham, turning it into useful products rather than sending it to landfill.

For further information contact Abi Reid on 07814 302297 or email at abi.reid@renewi.com.



Published: 30th January 2023