Get the most out of your recycling bins this Christmas

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Handy tips for creating more space in your recycling bins.





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2 December 2022


Get the most out of your bins this Christmas

Household waste typically increases by around 30% over the Christmas period.

To help householders dispose of all that extra material, waste experts at BDR and Renewi have put together some handy tips for creating more space in your recycling bins.

• Wash and squash your plastic bottles and crush tins and cans.

This means you can add more into your bin as less space is taken up by air. If you put a pop bottle in your bin that hasn't been flattened and has its lid on, that is one big pocket of air wasting space in your bin. If you have lots of cans, especially drinks cans, in your waste you might find you can save a load of space by crushing these.  Either use a can crusher or make sure you're wearing heavy-duty / sturdy shoes, so you don't get hurt and crush them under foot. Be careful, once crushed your cans might be quite sharp.

• Flatten cardboard boxes.

Did you know the UK uses around 300,000 tonnes of card packaging and material during the festive period – enough to cover Big Ben 260,000 times?

Cardboard boxes are a culprit for taking up more space than needed in your bin.  Flatten thin cardboard boxes like cereal and tissue boxes before putting them in your recycling. If you aren't going to re-use them, large boxes should be cut up into smaller pieces or carefully folded to fit inside your bin.  Be careful not to get cardboard wedged in your recycling bin as that may mean it won't be able to be emptied properly and the collection crews aren't allowed to pull it out.

• Keep glass in your recycling bin or box

Even if you have extra recycling this Christmas, please make sure any glass bottles and jars go in your recycling bin or box.

• Check your Council’s website to see if they accept any extra recycling or for further advice on what to do with recycling. Also to see what you can and cannot put in your recycling bins or boxes. 

•Household waste recycling centres

You can take any extra recycling you have to the HWRCs. Be sure to sort before you set off to make the process quicker and easier and help reduce wait times.

Abi Reid is Community Education Liaison Officer based at the BDR Waste Treatment Facility, the award-winning waste treatment facility at Manvers which diverts 97 per cent of Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham household waste from landfill.

“Christmas can result in a lot of extra waste going into people’s recycling bins over the holiday period with some householders running out of space,” said Abi. “Just a few simple actions, such as squashing plastic bottles or folding cardboard can make a big difference to how much waste you can save for recycling.”

Note to Editors:  The waste treatment facility at Manvers processes around a quarter of a million tonnes of leftover waste a year from 345,000 homes across Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham, turning it into useful products rather than sending it to landfill.

For further information contact Abi Reid or Rebecca Wilson on 07814 302297 or or

Published: 8th December 2022